Hi, I'm Greg Strider!

Translator | Localizer

Translating is my passion, with special love for game localization! 😊

Since 2015, I've been helping many developers, publishers and localization studios to break the language barrier and bring their games and apps to the Portuguese-speaking community with top-notch quality. I've also been gaming for as long as I can remember, so I truly understand gamers' needs when it comes to language from a personal perspective.

Get in touch and together we'll achieve the best results for your project.

Here's What I Can Do for You

Simple text file? Working with variables and markup languages? Or maybe you need a localized version of graphic elements?
All of these are no-brainers to me. Each game is unique and poses a different challenge; that's why I love my job!
We'll work together to make your product reach the next level!
My main scope of work is video game and app localization, but I'm also capable of working on a variety of other products and different topics. Here are some of the translation services I usually provide:

I work with several file formats such as .doc, .pdf, .xls, .json, .csv, .xml and .resx for texts, and .psd for images.


Here are some of the products I have translated.
Please keep in mind that most of the projects I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past cannot be revealed because of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but those responsible for the projects below were kind enough to let me list them.

Here's What My Clients Say

Mattias and Andreas
(Good Night Brave Warrior)
Project: Sling Ming
❝Greg was very professional, worked fast and delivered great translations. He even went the extra mile to check how the text appeared in the game and notified us of a few places where we needed to make some adjustments. We are very happy with the work he did and would absolutely recommend his services!❞

Lucy Blundell (Games by Kinmoku)
Project: One Night Stand
❝Very quick, helpful, friendly and delight to work with! I will happily work with him again :)❞

LatinoBridge (LSP)
Multiple projects
❝Greg is friendly and professional. We have been working with him and he delivered everything on time and with very good quality. Also, he is always willing to help us with any additional task.❞

Contact Me

If you’ve got questions about my translation services, want to request a quote or discuss general business inquiries, send me an email: gboufleur@gmail.com
Skype is also an option, if you'd rather.

Feel free to attach the files that need to be translated to your first email, along with any other relevant information — this way, I'll be able to evaluate your files and reply with a quote right away. Our exchanged messages are 100% confidential.
I will never disclose messages, files or any details of your projects.

If you'd like to ask me something or just talk about the meaning of life
or any other topic, we can always chat on Twitter!)

Steam Translation Server

The Steam Translation Server (STS) is a website that allows community members to take part in the translation of Valve products.

I've started as Community Translator in November 2015 and was soon promoted to Community Moderator in February 2016. Since then, I've been managing a passionate team of volunteers dedicated to localizing Valve products to Brazilian Portuguese. The work includes both translation and revision of others' translations.

Up until December 2020, the STS team was responsible for translating Steam, the global leader in online game distribution, and its entire platform (including the Steam client, webpages, support articles, Steam Big Picture and Steamworks), as well as their main game franchises. Nowadays, we translate select Valve games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2).

Samples Close Project

Left 4 Dead 2

Final revision of Left 4 Dead 2 localization (September 2020).

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Steam Support

I translate Steam Help Website and Steam Support Articles since 2015.

Samples Close Project

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation.
I translate its in-game content, webpages, release notes
and some blog posts since 2015.

Samples Close Project

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve Corporation.
I translate its in-game content and webpages since 2015.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.
I translate its in-game content, webpages, release notes and blog posts since 2015.

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Steam Hardware

Translation of Steam Controller, Steam Link, Steam Machines and SteamVR related webpages/UI started in 2015.

Close Project

The Lab

The Lab is a compilation of Valve’s room-scale VR experiments; a wide range of ways to enjoy VR, all in one application.
Translated in April 2016.

Close Project

SteamVR Home

Translated in May 2017.

Close Project

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley

Translated in November 2015 (English > Spanish).

Close Project

Smart Cube

Translated in January 2018.

Close Project

Sling Ming

Developed and published by Good Night Brave Warrior.
Translated from February to March 2018.
Steam | Nintendo Switch

Close Project


Developed by Ragesquid and published by No More Robots.
Translated it from its launch, in February 2018, to April 2019, keeping up with several updates during the course of more than a year of Early Access release.

Samples Close Project

Bird Watcher

Translated in February 2018.

Close Project

One Night Stand

Developed and published by Kinmoku.
Translated it from March to April 2018.

Close Project

Translators without Borders

English to Portuguese volunteer translator

Translator without Borders is a non-profit organization that works with thousands of volunteers to provide vital information to people in need, in their language.
I'm a volunteer translator for TWB since March 2018.

Close Project

Abandon Ship

Developed and published by Fireblade Software.
Translated it from September 2018 to December 2019, keeping up with several updates during the course of more than a year of Early Access release.
WC: 170k+ words.

Close Project

Shotgun Farmers

Developed and published by Megastorm Games.
Translated in April 2018.

Close Project


Developed and published by Peace & Love Games.
Translated in December 2018.

Close Project

Tor Browser

Tor is the strongest tool for privacy and freedom online. It is free and open source software maintained by the Tor Project and a community of volunteers worldwide.
I've been translating it since February 2019.

Close Project

Undisclosed RPG title

AAA RPG game under NDA.
Over 100k words translated by me from January to August 2019. Additional content currently being translated (June 2020).

Close Project

Mastering LiteCoin

Translated this book in July 2018. Although the topic is very familiar, this was actually my first experience translating a book, and I really enjoyed it.

Close Project

Mr. Kim, The Mid-Aged Knight

Developed and published by mafgames.
Translating it since June 2019, keeping up with several updates since then.

Close Project


Developed by Parallel Studio and published by Nakana.io.
Translated it from September to November 2019.

Close Project

Solitaire Farm Village

Developed and published by Sticky Hands Inc..
Translating it since November 2019, keeping up with several updates since then (over 14k words).

Close Project

Merge Merge Cats

Developed and published by Indiejoy.
Translated in February 2020.

Close Project

Burning Sky

Developed and published by SHMUP Games.
Translated in March 2020.

Close Project

Hero Factory

Developed and published by PlayHard.Lab.
Translated it from March to April 2020.

Close Project

Popo's Mine

Developed and published by StormX.
Translated in April 2020 (~2k words).

Close Project

Mini Island

Developed and published by MACKINN7.
Translated in April 2020.

Close Project

The Wild Darkness

Developed and published by PoPeyed.
Translated in July 2020 (~15k words).

Close Project

Fantastic Cats

Developed and published by DazzlePlay.
Translated in August 2020.

Close Project


English learning app for iOS and Android.
Translated several strings from YouTube clips (~70k words)
from August to September 2019.

Close Project

Healing Animal

Developed and published by TeamAppleMonkey.
Translated in September 2020 (~7k words)

Close Project

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

Developed and published by Team Modernator.
Translated in January 2021 (~9k words)

Close Project


Developed and published by NANOO COMPANY Inc..
Translated in February 2021 (~5k words)

Close Project

Epic Games Store

Since August 2018, I've been translating product descriptions for several games on the Epic Games Store.

Close Project

More projects

Quality and confidentiality are the two main priorities in my services, and most of the projects I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past cannot be revealed because of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Here are some of the things I've been working on since I started my translation journey:
• Video games: dozens of games and related content translated for several platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
• Apps & Websites: translated dating, social media and health apps, as well as very differently themed websites.
• IT: translation of software products, hardware and network manuals, etc.
• Business & Marketing: translation of presentations, briefings, brochures, policies, internal memos, letters, employee handbooks, sales reports, etc.

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